About Silk Route

Silk Route is basically a Oriental restaurant first started at Qurum Al Noor Building Behind Subco on 30.11.1993 with motive of serving authentic Chinese food hence right from beginning had a very strong commitment towards maintaining its own authenticity on food as well as quality, hence got the set of four Chinese chefs, originally from Mainland China, it used to be 60 covers restaurant, gradually good work of Silk Route team started becoming more and more popular, and since it was difficult to cater all hungry foodie in 60 seating capacity, hence 25 May 2007 Silk Route relocated at Madinath As Sultan Qaboos, Al Noor Plaza Building with 120 seating capacity and very up market decor and serving style, with Adding Thai and Partially Japanese delicacy in its Cuisine,

And as always being pioneer for its own traits, introduced first time in Oman Menu on iPad on 01.10.2012 Received Best Fareastern Restaurant Oman 2Day Restaurant Award for 2007 and 2008 and were 2005,2006,and 2009 got 1St and 2ND runner up in the same category As satisfied customers list goes very high, which includes Most Diplomats, corporate, and elite group of locals and expatriates society.